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Kara + Tim: Engaged

They first exchanged glances amidst a series of bumps, sets, and spikes.  But that was all.  No words.  No phone numbers. No invitations to meet again.  Just glances across a sand volleyball court.

But those glances lingered in their minds.  He couldn’t get enough of her smile.  His inherent kindness wouldn’t leave her thoughts.

So, they next time they crossed paths, Kara and Tim again exchanged glances.  Those glances evolved into smiles and the smiles into a plan.  A plan to meet again, as they knew the impression left upon one another was indelible.  Eventually that  impression became one neither Kara or Tim wanted to ever go away.

This weekend, vows will be exchanged and promises of forever given.  We will have the privilege of  recording every glance, every smile, and every nuance of what is sure to be an indelible day.

Last fall we made a trip out to Denver, back to the place where glances were first exchanged, and the city where their relationship has blossomed.

Kara did an incredible job of styling their engagement session. The balloons coordinated perfectly with her outfit. Her outfit coordinated perfectly with Tim’s and the whole session was a perfect fit for who they are.

In the many years that I have known Kara, I have never seen her smile brighten or her eyes light up the way they do when she is with Tim. It is a beautiful thing.

The best way to describe Tim is superhero. He climbs mountains and works with kids with disabilities. His most admirable attribute, however, is the way he loves Kara, wholly and completely. After hanging out in Wash Park, we made our way downtown to explore the evening light.

Oh my, how I loooove this image.

Pete nabbed this absolutely epic image. Yes, epic.

Kara and Tim are extremely active people. It was a natural choice for them to have some fun with the Denver B-cycles.

Undoubtedly, my favorite.

Kara and Tim: we are so excited to spend this upcoming weekend with you. It is sure to be a weekend that is perfect for you and a true celebration of your love. See you soon!

Pete and Emily

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Jessica + Taylor: Engaged

Saying it was love at first sight would be, well, a bit of an over statement.  Because the first time they met there were no sparks and there were no birds singing.  He was an ordinary boy and nothing more. When he would ask her to meet him at a party, she would claim to have other plans or be busy washing her hair.  He was just an ordinary boy.

But after several hair washings she again crossed paths with this “ordinary” boy and began to realize that he wasn’t so ordinary after all. All of the sudden she realized that his warm heart and intelligence were anything but ordinary. She noticed that when he smiled, it filled her heart.  And as they grew together, she realized that this “ordinary” boy was the one with whom she wanted to spend every ordinary minute from now until forever.  When he asked her to do just that, she knew that he felt just the same.

Jessica and Taylor are just a few weeks away from an extraordinary day where they will promise forever. Now we share with you images of their love that is anything but ordinary.

It is not possible to have too much of this amazing morning light.We seriously adore you two.My favorite.  See what I mean by extraordinary?Jess and Taylor: you and your families have become like families to us.  We are so excited to join in the celebration of your love in a day that is sure to be remembered.

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Em - August 2, 2012 - 2:41 pm

Beautiful photos! :) :) :) I LOVE YOUR BLOGGY-BLOG. Inspiring photos and stories. Keep ‘em coming!

Sallie J Olomon - August 15, 2012 - 7:46 pm

Simply stunning! What a beautiful couple


It was a game of numbers: 4 humans, 3 dogs, 2 hours, and 1 sedan. The two 50-pound dogs would need to nestle themselves somewhere on the laps of human 1 and human 2 in the backseat, or in the eleven inches between.  Human 3 drove, and human 4 managed dog 3. How long and far could we get before it became 2 much? (Excuse me, “too much?”) And what was too much?  It was a test of physical and mental endurance. And numbers.

As 20 miles passed into 40, the numbers evolved into conversation.  Mindless chatter about the song currently on the radio and inquiries as to what makes a Scandinavian donut, well, “Scandinavian” first enveloped our thoughts.  Then human 3 asked a question. A  seemingly simple and unobtrusive question.  But this question, with its 5 simple words, changed the 99.9 miles between here and there.

How did they arrive here?” human 3 asked of his father.

Slowly, human 1 told of how his father worked in a WWI prisoner of war camp.  How that, at any moment, the prisoners could have easily ganged up and overcome the pre-teen and run away from the fields they were being made to harvest, but they did not, because life was better for them there.

He spoke of his father’s foresight and the journey to America.  How his mother took a leap of faith, leaving family and country, to join this boy she knew, somewhat, in a new world – with just a ticket and a promise to guide her.

He recalled how he wasn’t supposed to be, but arrived as the greatest gift his parents ever received.  He revealed that the trumpet now resting in our closet was one of the few possessions he brought to the new world and the beginning of the family’s deeply rooted musical history.  He enchanted us with how he—human 1—and she—human 4—met, loved, and ultimately welcomed five children, instead of just the four they had planned.

Each story, each word dripped with revelation about their history.  How they arrived here because they took chances. They stepped away from the comfort of home for the hope of something better.  They trusted, and they believed.  One alternate decision, one miniscule moment, and everything would be different.  Had she decided to stay with what was safe and warm, had they not chanced new technology, had grandchild number 5 not come along, the world would not be the same.  For them.  And for me.

I came to be in this place—safe, warm, happy, healthy—because they came to be here. For that ride, with 4 humans, 3 dogs, 2 hours, in 1 sedan, I will be forever grateful.

Pete (human 3 and grandchild 5) and his dad (human 1) carrying on a family tradition.

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Laura - August 1, 2012 - 8:11 am

I love family history. Thank you for sharing this sweet moment in your life with me.